Just a Few Thoughts on Obama’s Job Plan

Last night U.S. President Obama announced his plan to spend $447 billion to improve the nation’s economy and create jobs. It’s still too early for me to make a judgement of whether it is a good bill or not; I need to read more about it and some different perspectives about it. It seems like he was reaching out to gain Republican support for the bill by including tax cuts for small businesses in it. I am not opposed to these tax cuts, but it appears to be another effort by Obama to compromise with the Republicans to get a bill passed. Unfortunately, the Republicans refuse to work with Obama or pass any of his bills. Therefore, after a long drawn out debate, the bill will likely turn into just tax cuts, which the Republicans will be fine with, but the actual government spending part of it to increase jobs will be cut from the bill. This will be just another victory for the Republicans, who are determined to defeat Obama at every opportunity, but this will be a loss for our country. I believe Obama should have announced a more radical plan at first, then when the Republicans vehemently reject it, start making compromises that include the tax cuts. By positioning the initial bill in the center, Obama set the bill up for a swing to the right; if he had positioned the bill further to the left, he may have been able to end up with a more moderate bill that would please both parties. Either way, even though I need to continue reading more about the bill before I make a final decision, at this point I want the bill to pass. I believe the government needs to invest money into the country to create jobs, which will lead to consumption, which will lead to demand, which will lead to more jobs and more money for the government. Everyone has heard the saying “it takes money to make money” before. That applies to the government too. But they just need to make sure this stimulus bill, if passed, distributes money to the right people. It should not be another one just given to corporations, and then expect the corporations to create jobs with it. Corporations do what is best for their interests, not what is best for the interests of the American people. This time, Obama needs to make sure the bill helps the American people by using the money directly to create jobs instead of relying on corporations to do it.