New Fitness Blog

Dear readers,

I have created a second blog to discuss my new found commitment at trying to become fit. The blog will not have the political agenda of this one, but instead it has a self-improvement and motivational purpose as I discuss my own thoughts and experiences through my journey to becoming healthier and more fit. If interested, please read and follow it here: Back on my Workout. I also would appreciate feedback if you have any to offer. Thank you!


Looking for Sympathetic Political Blogs to Link to…

This is not a political blog post in my usual sense, but I am looking for blogs that share similar political interests. I want to create an additional “Links” menu on the side for like-minded blogs. The blog does not have to completely agree with my political interests or ideals, but it should at least have some sort of progressive or critical political stance. Whether the blog is yours or another blog that you are a fan of, please share it in the comments section or contact me with the information so I can begin compiling links. Thank you.