Response to a Criticism of the One-State Solution in Israel

I have previously advocated the one-state solution in Israel, and I recently discovered this op-ed piece in the Boston Globe that argues the one-state solution is simply a “euphemism for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel” while also denying that the apartheid in South Africa shares any commonalities with “democratic Israel.” I encourage one to read the op-ed piece, but to question the rationality behind it. A true democratic state does not occupy land belonging to others without providing them equal citizenship, even if they do not share their religious faith or ethnic heritage. For Israel to be democratic, it must grand citizenship and equal rights to all of its citizens. Until then, it remains comparable to the apartheid in South Africa. The prospect of a two-state solution is dwindling fast as Israel continues to settle more territory that the UN and every nation believes belongs to the Palestinians. Establishing a single state of Israel is not about denying Israel its Jewish heritage, but recognizing that the Israel and Palestinian territory has a multi-cultural and religious heritage.


Let me know what you think.

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