Georgia, do not execute Troy Davis

I do not know all the details of the Troy Davis case, nor do I — or anyone else besides him and whoever is responsible — know if he is guilty or not. But there is beyond enough evidence to question whether Davis committed the murder, and therefore, the state should not take someone’s life in its own hands. With no physical evidence available, no DNA, and nothing but witnesses who later recanted their testimony, Georgia — and the nation as a whole — cannot justify taking a man’s life. Casey Anthony got away with killing her daughter because there was not enough physical evidence that tied her to the crime, so the prosecutors were unable to prove her guilt without a reasonable doubt, even though everyone knows she is responsible for the child’s death. But barring a miracle, in a few hours, the state of Georgia will execute a man who very well may not be guilty. Again, I do not know if he is guilty, but neither does anyone else because the case is based on such flimsy evidence, which means the state should have the moral high ground to allow the man to survive.


3 comments on “Georgia, do not execute Troy Davis

  1. Its morally wrong for what the state of Georgia is doing.
    Its like mob justice, hang em whether he is guilty or not, black or white. They don’t seem to care.

  2. epmckenna says:

    I couldn’t agree more Don. And it is also truly disturbing how some people are looking to celebrate the man’s death. Whether one thinks he’s guilty or not, they should not be excited and rejoice over state killing the man. Here’s a sample of what I mean, coming from the ever so malicious Ann Coulter:

    I also want to think you for your continued support of my blogs! I just started it about a month ago or so, but you’re one of my most loyal readers outside of my friends and family, and it’s encouraging for me to continue writing on it when I know some people are interested in reading my posts!

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