NATO and the NTC Need to Act Immediately to End the Racism in Libya


I posted last night about the racist attacks by some Libyan rebels against dark skinned black Africans, and since then other news reports have come out about it, including a report of twenty migrant black African women claim to have been raped by Libyan rebels. Racism in Libya is nothing new; Gaddafi exploited black African migrant workers, and millions of them are now entrapped in Libya. Yet, some rebels have decided to take advantage of the chaos ensuing since the revolution by attacking, executing, and raping innocent black Africans. While it certainly is not all Libyan rebels, too many accounts of it have come out for it to not be addressed yet.

NATO must threaten to stop supporting the NTC unless the NTC acts immediately to put an end to these racist atrocities. The NTC must make it clear that racist atrocities against the black Africans are counter-revolutionary and human rights violations, and that any rebels found guilty of them will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, just as any of Gaddafi’s war criminals will be prosecuted. I realize that in this time of chaos it is difficult to police all of the rebels, but the lack of public criticism of these acts by NATO and the NTC is unacceptable. I stand by a revolution that overthrew a brutal tyrant, but I strongly oppose any revolution that simply replicates the atrocities of the prior regime. NATO acted responsibly by defending citizens from being slaughtered by Gaddafi’s forces, but now they must act responsibly by defending the black Africans from being slaughtered by some of the rebel forces. NATO and the NTC must immediately speak out and demand an end to these atrocities, otherwise Libya will be no better off than it was under Gaddafi.

It’s time for NATO and the NTC to act as leaders of this rebellion instead of witnesses to it, and lead by calling on an immediate end to these atrocities.


4 comments on “NATO and the NTC Need to Act Immediately to End the Racism in Libya

  1. […] of the rebels’ racism and violence toward black Africans is completely inexcusable and needs to be addressed by NATO and the NTC immediately. Nonetheless, this is a true revolution that is overthrowing a brutal dictator, which […]

  2. Mersad says:

    There is no racism in FREE LIBYA, those African people are mercenaries killing and destroying our country. Libyan people did not go to thier countries.. and all African civilians live with us and thier life is very safe.. we act with them as Islam directed us.. we eat the same food, we drink the same water with African civilians, we give them money in spite of lack of money…
    Nato came to save ALL civilians in LIBYA… stop YOUR dirty LIES….

    • epmckenna says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and commenting. I have continually defended the Libyan revolution, and I have many posts criticizing people who claim the revolution is corrupt. Yet there is sufficient evidence of racist acts taking place in Libya. I am not saying that all Libyans, or even most Libyans, are responsible, but there are plenty of reports of black African women being raped and black African men being killed. Not all black Africans in Libya are mercenaries, but many are being treated as if they are when they’re not, and even the mercenaries need to be treated in a just manner.

      These are not “my lies”, they are based on various respectable news reports from throughout the world. Again, i support the Libyan revolution, and I applaud the courage it took for Libyans to overthrow Gaddafi, but there have been instances of racism that need to be publicly condemned instead of pretending it does not happen.

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