My New Voice

Someone who I respect and admire very much, the author Jean Sasson, recommended that I start a blog as a way to get into writing and begin sharing my thoughts with people, and I decided that it was a good idea to finally give myself a space to share my beliefs freely without concern for the negative backlash that I might receive from friends or family on social networks. Anyone, including friends or family, are welcome to disagree and argue with me on my blog via the comments, but I no longer feel limited in what I can say, nor do I need to worry about posting too much or flooding anyone’s timeline.

The name of this blog comes from the Notorious B.I.G. song “Everyday Struggle,” which discusses his personal daily struggles. However, this blog will not be about my daily struggles, but about the global daily struggles for freedom, equality, and peace.

So stay tuned: more posts to come.


One comment on “My New Voice

  1. Hootina says:

    you rock e diggity!

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